Monday, August 17, 2009

Getting in Shape: Day 5

The First Day of Challenges
I did not expect that this lifestyle change would be easy. Today, I faced my first true set of tests. First, I ate too much in the afternoon because I had eaten two plates of spaghetti and was working on a bowl of ice cream when my friend called to remind me that it was time for her sister's birthday dinner...thus ensued a meal of chop steak, queso green beans and baked beans. Needless to say, I was stuffed. I knew that today might be a challenge for me to get my run in, anyway, because I didn't get it done in the morning.

When I did get to my run, at 11 p.m. (77 degrees F), I had my first signs of trouble. I had not even reached the park when I felt a stitch coming on. I made the turn and it did not go away. Naturally, it got worse. I had to stop running a few blocks later because my sister, who tonight decided to run with me, started having breathing problems because she has not taken her asthma medicine in months. We walked the rest of the way, and then I decided to do some extra running. I went a different direction, but I made a circle. So, I probably made at least one and two-thirds of a park cycle. It must have been from all of the protein that I had consumed earlier in the day, but, still, after I made the extra circuit, I felt like walking that circuit. So, I did. I doubt that I burned off all of the calories that I had consumed, but I believe that I at least made a dent.

One of the results of the stitch that I had was the noticing of how shallow my breaths were. I was not getting air deep "into my belly" as a vocalist might say. I surely need to continue my exercising so that I can bust through these stitches. I did focus on lighter footfalls. I can not yet tell if this improves overall performance or not. I did make an effort to relax. I forgot to think about focusing on the relaxation of my jaw, though. Still, I did, at least while I was walking, keep my shoulders down. I have discovered that I not only carry tension in my shoulders, but also I do it with my shoulders. I speculate that relying on shoulder tension is a compensation for lack of upper-body strength. Though I hate push-ups, I am afraid that it may be time to start toning my chest muscles.

Other notes
This post is occurring on the date after the running because both were so late in the evening.

I did take my medicine right before running. This was the second time that I took it today.

I stood up while typing half of this entry. I think that my keyboard is too high. It is putting unnecessary strain on my elbows. I am still managing to keep my wrists from resting on the edge of the board, though.

Today's diet
Breakfast - two bowls of honey nut "tastee-os" with 2% milk
Brunch - piece of toast (not whole grain), slice of pre-cooked ham, fried egg, half of a fresh peach, small glass of cranberry-grape juice
Late Lunch - two plates of reheated spaghetti with meat sauce (hamburger), large bowl of chocolate ice cream
Supper - Angus Sirloin Chop Steak with barbecue sauce(basically a giant hamburger patty, I discovered), side of barbecue baked beans, side of "queso green beans," plain iced tea to drink

It looks like I consumed enough for two days! This is not a pattern into which I should get. No way.

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