Saturday, August 15, 2009

Getting in shape: Day 4

A morning jog
Yesterday, I mentioned that I would try to start running in the mornings to see if that created the same light feeling that I had when I ran last night after having not eaten anything substantial in over six hours. The effect seemed to be the same. I made my park cycle pretty well, and walked it off afterward in the same fashion. I do not know how much actual progress I have made so far in terms of my physical condition, but I have noticed that the park seems to be much closer than it seemed the first two days I ran.

I focused on keeping my footfalls light, but, at times, it was hard to tell if I was succeeding because the wet sidewalks muffled the sound. I am trying to stay very relaxed, as well. I believe that the tension with which I often exercise is probably a detriment to natural flow and rhythm. One thing that I have discovered about myself through vocal lessons and practice is that I carry a lot of tension in my jaw. This is not good for singing, but it probably does not help with my breathing as I jog, either.

The temperature was about 76 degrees F. I did not wear my glasses. At first, I thought that I would wear my sunglasses, but when I got outside I noticed that the sky was cloudy so I would not really need them.

Other notes
I took my medicine shortly before running. I stretched beforehand as well. After my return, I stretched and drank a little water. I am trying to avoid resting my palms on the edge of the keyboard while I type. I notice that my left hand does not have the natural curve that my right hand does. I also notice a great deal of tension in my upper arms because I am keeping my wrists off the keyboard. This changing my typing habits thing may be incredibly challenging. To get my wrists warmed up, I stood up and typed down on the keyboard while I worked on this entry.

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