Saturday, March 28, 2009

The value of my project

"It has yet to be proven that intelligence has any survival value."
-Arthur C. Clarke 1917-, British Science Fiction Writer

What's on my mind

All around us, we hear that tough economic times are upon us. Hearing this, and not yet fully understanding the economically-termed reasons for what's going on in the world market, I at least understand one thing: that I cannot sit around and be indecisive about my future. It is becoming less and less possible for a person to simply wait for opportunities to fall into his or her lap...

As my graduation day nears, I truly begin to understand it as a commencement, the beginning of heaven-knows-what for me.

A successful performer from Salina, KS once relayed this question to me: "If you could be doing anything in the world right now, what would it be?" It has become imperative that I begin to figure this out, and part of this process lead me to the LibriVox project.

The LibriVox Project

The LibriVox project is a global effort to provide audio recordings of works in the public domain. The process is fairly simple. One simply makes a request in the forum to record a needed story, downloads the software from the site, records, edits, and sends the file to the site. Then, people all over the world can listen to the work in the LibriVox catalog.

The value of LibriVox

The LibriVox project makes it possible for people to sit back and enjoy the sounds of classic literature. As one can imagine, this is especially advantageous for blind or visually-challenged people. It also allows for people to engage their imaginations with what has before been called "theater of the mind."

How I came to join LibriVox

It actually happened rather simply. I spent several years of college getting really excited about my senior speech project, and, you could ask my adviser, I went through several ideas...I thought of writing a book, writing a play, or directing a play. Then, one of our communications professors suggested LibriVox, and the idea was perfect.