Friday, August 14, 2009

Getting in shape: Day 3

Signs of progress?
Today, I made it to and fro from the park. Afterward, I "walked it off" by walking to the end of the block and walking back. I stretched out a little bit. I drank a small amount of water (not too much!) to rehydrate myself. I have decided that I will not focus my jogs, at least in these early stages, on time elapsed. Rather, I will simply keep track of the distance and how I feel after running them.

Other conditions
The temperature was at about 80 degrees F. I made efforts to lessen the weight while jogging. Over such short distances, I doubt that it makes a noticeable difference, but still I chose to jog without my glasses on. I also jogged at nighttime. Naturally, I wore a white T-shirt for better reflection. I would have worn my sleeveless shirt, but it is navy blue and that is not safe at all for nighttime jogging.

Jogging technique
I realized that I have been running too heavily, not in terms of amount of running but in terms of how I land. I noticed that it seemed as though I was landing too hard on my feet, and I am wondering if running lighter, controlling my footfalls better, will decrease the amount of stress on my joints. Perhaps, it might even improve my performance. I will try to gauge improvement in this area by noting how loud my footfalls sound.

Other factors potentially impacting performance

I took my medicine twice today before my jog. I also took my fast-acting inhaler this afternoon.

I had not eaten anything substantial (PEZ does not count, especially when it's only two pieces) since about two o'clock. Indeed, I was running lighter! Perhaps I should simulate this effect by running in the morning before I eat anything. I will see how that goes.

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