Thursday, August 13, 2009

Getting in shape: Day 2

Not much happened today, but I did go for a little 5 minute jog. I would have walked over to help a friend move across the hall, but I started walking and I said to myself that I might as well jog it. Today's jog was as hard as yesterday's...I'm just really out of shape. I was also wearing jeans. But, even a little 5-6 minute run is better than no run at all. Another friend of mine, who happens to be a cross-country runner, believes that consistency is the key. So, I figure, if I at least do something every day, I will slowly start to get into shape. After all, that's the idea...making a lifestyle change.

More motivation
Today, we found out that my uncle's blood vessels are 60% clogged, and in the morning we will find out if he has to have surgery. At first, they thought that it was a heart attack...some relief to find out that one may need open-heart surgery!

Heart disease is rampant in the adults of my family. We have a history of diabetes as sister and great aunt are/were type 1. So, I really need a lifestyle change. I did take a good step today by not overeating, and I didn't get a shake with my burger. Yes, it's fast food, but, just as I spoke of yesterday, it's not so much what one eats as opposed to how much one indulges. I am also allowing a sufficient amount of time for digestion since having the sandwich before I go to bed.

Took the medicine today, not twice though.

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