Friday, April 17, 2009

Letting Myself Make Mistakes

When my chief advisor and I listened to my first draft of "Entrance and Exit," we both found things that we would like to change, but she encouraged me to let those things go and carry on with my recordings.

A Struggle
While I have the utmost respect for my advisor, I was very tempted to disregard her advice on this matter. I even went so far as to e-mail her about my inhibitions. Put simply, I told her that I just wanted to do one more recording and fix just those things that we talked about. But, after working with me for over three and a half years, she knows how I rarely am satisfied with my work. She knew that I would want to make it perfect. She furthermore knew that I had so much more work to accomplish, and trying to focus on creating the "perfect story" would make it nearly impossible to accomplish anything more.

Maintaining a Sense of Drive
I think that I may take from this experience a terrific life lesson. Perhaps people who are willing to let themselves make mistakes are more likely to stay focused and driven. Perhaps I could accomplish more if I put myself heart and soul into the moment, publish/submit my work, and then reflect on my mistakes and how I can improve on them. Maybe it is that very desire of not being satisfied that will help me to keep my passion for growth and learning...

While I still believe that I am capable of reading every story to my full satisfaction, perhaps it is more important to keep moving forward and not let the little things drag me down. I think that I shall be more likely to produce if I keep moving forward, taking note of all the mistakes that I identified and trying to learn from those mistakes to better inform future decision-making.

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